New Developments Along Brooklyn’s Rezoned Gowanus Canal

While we have talked about the neighborhood of Gowanus, Brooklyn earlier this year, a swath of new developments that are either under construction or coming soon are adding even more apartments in Brooklyn, retail space, and commercial projects that once overlooked this part of the borough. Nearly every street and corner has some form of construction taking shape from 4th Avenue to the east and Carroll Street to the west, running down the middle is the Gowanus Canal, which will soon be lined on both sides with massive new and tall structures in the years to come. We take a look at five new sites that will surely add to the list of properties that will change the face of the district in the next several years.

1) 313-331 Bond Street 

Coming to the Gowanus Canal is 313-331 Bond Street, a massive 526,000 22-story, 226-foot tall  residential and retail development designed by Hamish Whitefield Architects and developed by Rabsky Group. It is alternatively known as 395 Carroll Street and is going to feature a multi-story podium topped with two residential towers, cladded with red brickwork and glass on the uppermost levels, and containing 298 condominium units. A series of large arched windows will make up the lower levels where the 51,000 square feet of commercial space is going to be situated, and become a distinct feature in the building's design that pays homage to the industrial history of the Gowanus neighborhood. Earthwork is beginning and the project is expected to be finished in the fall of 2025.


2) 335 Bond Street

Another upcoming site currently underway with earthwork progressing is 335 Bond Street, a modest 14-story residence designed by Studio V Architecture and developed by E&M Realty that will stand 155 feet in height. There will be 77,383 square feet of newly built space with a total of 73 rental units, each averaging 932 square feet apiece, as well as 4,633 square feet of commercial space on the ground floor, and a 30-foot long rear yard for residents only. Completion is expected in the summer of 2025. 


3) 155 3rd Street 

A little further south along the Gowanus Canal is a future 22-story mixed-use residential tower located at 155 3rd Street. The upcoming building is designed by Dattner Architects and is being developed by Monadnock Development. The building is going to eventually top out at 225 feet with 265,987 square feet of newly built space, with 231,124 square feet allocated towards residential space and 34,863 square feet for commercial purposes. A total of 301 rental units averaging 767 square feet are going to be created, as well as a 26-foot long rear yard and 45 enclosed parking spaces inside the building. Work is expected to be finished in December 2025. 


4) 175-225 3rd Street

Perhaps the most intriguing and most distinct design for new Brooklyn housing that could soon come is what Bjarke Ingels Group has envisioned at 175-223 3rd Street. The apartment building's sculptural quality is seen with its tiered wedding cake design and a series of gently sloped ramps criss-crossing the entire structure. These areas will be home to landscaped outdoor terraces for residents to enjoy the views over the neighborhood, while much of the facade consists of a checkerboard arrangement of pocketed balconies and floor-to-ceiling windows. The 20-story structure is being developed by Aby Rosen of RFR Holding and will yield a total of 375 apartments, ground-floor retail space, and enclosed parking for up to 100 vehicles. A completion date has yet to be announced. 


5) 300 Huntington Street 

Our last site is a commercial development near the mouth of the Gowanus Canal at 300 Huntington Street. Designed by Dattner Architects and Bernheimer Architecture and developed and built by Monadnock Development, the topped out 101,000-square foot, six-story project will yield 80,000 square feet of office space, 12,290 square feet of retail space, a 3,470-square-foot industrial workshop, 5,780 square feet of unspecified building service area, and a 15,490-square-foot rear yard dedicated to the main anchor tenant. Construction is nearly finished and is expected to be completed around the end of this year. 

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